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Sertoğlu Construction Company was founded by senior member our family, Mahmut Sertoğlu, in 1960s. Through the trust provided by the high quality works, Sertoğlu Construction Company was then became one of the most renowned and best construction companies in North Cyprus.

Retired in 1990, Mahmut Sertoğlu left the management of the company to his two sons, Hasan Sertoğlu and Erkan Sertoğlu, as they were both raised in the kitchen of the business since their childhoods. Since 1990, Sertoğlu Construction Company has been providing the highest qualified works in North Cyprus with its experienced, highly competent and trusted team.

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Our Director

Hasan Sertoğlu was born in Nergisli (Yenağra) village in 31st December 1969.

Completing his primary education in Nergisli and secondary education in Namık Kemal High School; Sertoğlu, was graduated from Nicosia Sedat Simavi
Vocational School, Department of Construction and launched his career in their family company and has been the director since then.

With his great interest in sports since his education life, he was always elected to managing positions in sports institutions and associations.

Becoming an Administrator in Küçük Kaymaklı Sports Club in 1994, Sertoğlu became the president of the club between 2002 – 2010 and achieved many administrative, sportive and financial successes in the club.

Following his 2 years of Member of the Executive Board in TRNC Sports Clubs Association and 3 years of Vice Presidency; in 2020 he was elected as the President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Association (CTFA) by the support of all sportive clubs of the time. In a short period of time, Sertoğlu, solved all the problems of CTFA, reformed its finance and renovated its venues to a much more modern building.

Through a transparent management, equal approach to all clubs and valuing dialogue, Sertoğlu, gained everyone’s trust in the community and reelected four times to the Presidency of the CTFA between 2010-2020 with no opponents against. Today, Sertoğlu is still the President of the CTFA.

His previous works and achievements played a major role in the elections for Member of Executive Board of Cyprus Turkish Building Contractors Association in 2007. He had been a member of the Executive Board for two years.

Married with Funda Sertoğlu in 1991, he is a father for a daughter and a son.

Why Choose Us?

We , Sertoğlu Construction, reckon that our success depends on creating dynamic, multi-functional and vivid teams whenever and wherever needed. We respect to each other and value our diversities full of different backgrounds, experiences and visions. Recruitment in Sertoğlu Construction is made indiscriminately of race, colour, gender, age, religion, ethnic origins and physical or mental disadvantages. We provide a working environment which is free of any illegal discrimination, mobbing or harassment and/or retaliation. Our devotion to respect human rights wherever we work is shaped within our our working ethics and operational management system. Despite we believe that protection of human rights is mission of the states; we also acknowledge our responsibility in performing the rights through respect thus play a positive role in any project we manage.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to design, construct and complete safe, high qualified and budget friendly construction projects; comply with the due dates agreed with the clients as well as providing enhancement in every employees’ career paths.

Our Vision is to pioneer the sector aiming a lifelong development through providing the best, the most trustful and innovative family company which fulfills its clients’ dreams with high quality buildings.

Our Values are the base of each and every activity. We acknowledge that in every project these values can neither be bent nor ignored. The more these values are implied, the more success is to be reached in the sector we provide services.

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